Want to Add Elegant Details to Your Building?

Work with Colonial Copper Works

Custom copper features are a stunning detail to put on any building. If you need to replace your gutters or downspouts soon, you should turn to Colonial Copper Works Inc. Even a simple update like switching to copper features can make your building stand out from the others on the block.

When you get a custom installation from us, we'll help with the design process to guarantee your features fit seamlessly. Reach out to us today to request services.

Restoring a historical building?

You can retain the original look and feel of your historical home or business with custom fabrications. Copper was a common material in older buildings, so you should work with us to reproduce the features that make your building unique. We'll improve the functionality of features like the gutters while still maintaining the original character. Call us now at 508-999-6677 to team up with us for your restoration project.